Offering guidance as you embrace nature

Foraging Classes

Public or private group experience. Connecting you with the natural world for food, herbal remedies, and artistic endeavors.

Property Assessment

Private landowner or group experience. Working with landowners to identify species focusing on specific land use intentions (ID, food, herbal remedies, conservation, etc.).

Environmental Consultant

Leading professional learning. Providing coaching for teachers and contributing as a classroom guest naturalist.

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Lea Sevigny

I’m happiest when I’m among plants observing them and their relationships with all of the other beings in nature’s village. As a natural teacher, I’m inspired to create experiences to share with others, and I’m specifically passionate about highlighting the virtues of local plants through cooking, making herbal remedies, and creating art. I would like nothing more than to guide your discovery of edible and medicinal plants, and the many ways you can add them to your life. Whether this be in one of my classes, with your students, or on your property, I would love to partner with you on your herbal journey.


At Joyful Wildcrafting, our experiences are rooted in place, and our place is West Michigan, specifically, Grand Rapids. I am committed to practicing and teaching sustainable and ethical foraging practices.

Influential Moments

My desire to be more connected with the land led me to pursue courses to deepen my learning and integrate experiences with nature into my daily life. Coupled with conferences, workshops, and self-study, my interest and experience in wildcrafting grew.

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